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What Is The Best Solution To Rising Oil Prices?

By Vincent A. Derrico

Global warming and environmental destruction is one of the most talked about issues in our present day society. There are so many ways to protect our environment and save some money at the same time. Do you think increasing your vehicles MPG (Miles per Gallon) by fifty percent or more would have a positive impact in our environment? How about having a positive impact on your wallet?

With the price of oil skyrocketing, the issue on the top of everyone's mind is saving money at the pump. I was recently in Connecticut, driving home to Rhode Island. The price of one gallon of gas at one Mobil station was over four dollars. I remember reading on Yahoo! that Connecticut is the second highest state for gas prices. I was shocked when I saw that outrageous price, Three dollars is high enough, imagine paying four or five dollars per gallon! Soon, it may cost over one hundred dollars to fill up your gas tank.

If we do not end our dependence on fossil fuels soon, not only will our wallets shrink, our environment, along with its wild inhabitants will also suffer. Most of the narrow minded people in our society believe the answer to these rising prices is to drill for oil in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuges. It is obvious that these people only care about themselves, and not our miracle planet. Oil is obsolete. We should have ended our dependence on it many years ago, but the oil companies billions were at stake. Recently, I was searching for some alternatives to oil. Finding some these money saving secrets was very difficult. Fortunately, I did track down some incredible fuel saving secrets that the oil companies hate.

Yours in Natural Health,
Viny D'Errico
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