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I am smile to day…..

You can image when you smile just in your self, it’s too fun off course. This is happen to me to day. You know what? Yes, this is the story……….

I know the blog in 3 months ago and it was being created the blog with URL http://JeBethree.blogspot.com, but I am not satisfied to see this blog, meanwhile my computer’s knowledge special IT not so well. What you can do. First step you can found in library, but it can take much time until you find the answer. Other solution I try to blogroll everywhere and ……yes, I found that. During the time I develop this blog and roughly speaking 90% was finished to day; this is too hard for me.
It is why the reason I am smile just in my self, and now I have seen a nice blog (off course in my mind).

A minute, I say thanks to “Mr. Abdul Rohman” who is guys own the Blog Kolom Tutorial; I had too much from this blog.

Furthermore, the work was waiting to write everything in this blog and off course to do blog promotion; with hope….all will be presented well.

By the way, this blog will be presenting in some menu, included:
1. Main blog
2. Accountancy and taxes
3. Religious
4. Panorama and culture


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