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Dream of my daughter

As usual as parent I always try to discussing to the kids about everything, and some time to help them to solve some lesson and other problem. One day I have a look the nice diary on the bookshelf, and interesting to see and read this diary, ofcourse with permission with her.
I’m surprise when read a note, because she wrote the big dream of himself, and here it is the note:

I’m appreciate to my parent, because they give me chance and asking me to learn the “keyboard Music”. Yes, I am interesting to the keyboard too much, and I wondering could play as well as my idol “keyboard music” player. Everyday I train my self, and some time to ask the people who know well how to do in order that I can good player.
In the time being, I have some experience try out in the small show, and in the music for children’s program of radio.
And……, I have dream in one time I wondering to make show with many people to watching,
and ……I’m going to the famous in the word.

I’m very happy, my daughter which is still sitting in the elementary school had a big dream………

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